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Race #1 Results

Good morning all!!! I hope all of our racers made it home safe last night!

Man what a start to the 2015 season!!! Thank you all for coming out to the QSAC West Series Race #1. We had right at 40 entries! That is a great sign for the year to come. Here's a short and sweet (maybe not so short) recap of the weekends festivities.

Friday morning the track opened up for practice and as the day went along the pit area starting filling up with trailers, I myself came in late Friday night and man was that an awesome sight to see, an almost full pit are on a Friday night. Been a while since we've had that! We did our typical "Bench Racing" session that night and heard the track was fast and practice throughout the day went great for all there. Saturday morning came along and even more racers showed up by the time our Drivers Meeting we had right at 40 entries. We had a great day of qualifying heats, 3 rounds for Open wheel, and 2 rounds for the rest of the classes. I believe the highlight of the day was the 1st round Open Wheel, with the top 3 nose to tail for the last 15 or so laps, literally maybe 1 foot at most between them at any time. What a finish with Dave Hart, Denny Andrews, and Dave Scott! So the day concluded and all the mains were set for an early Sunday morning start!

Up first the Open Wheels - 50 Lap A Main. Unfortunately the pole sitter Dave Hart became under the weather and had to forfeit his ride over to Dennis Andrews, so he had to start in the back and gave the Pole to Denny Andrews. 5 started the race and again we had some good racing. Dennis was able to wheel Daves rent-a-ride up to 2nd place fairly quick and set chase for Denny. But Denny in his Allen Hess owned Bullseye was able to hold em all off for the 50 Lap A Main win. Final official finishing order:

1 - Denny Andrews
2 - Dave Scott
3 - John Whisenand D
4 - Ron Schoeb
5 - Dave Hart (Dennis finished 2nd in the race, but car was pulled from tech by Dave due to him not racing and he didn't want to take points away from others, class act!)

Next up - Limited Sportsman (formerly Novice) 100 Lap A-Main. The future of 1/4 Scale racing right here and we had 8 entries! Great battle up front between Trey Schossow and Mike Pelletier, 2 drivers I'm sure will be in sportsman next season. We did have our typical mayhem throughout the race with a lot of bumpin and bangin, but that's what makes the Limited Sportsman what it is! But the 2 constants in the race were Trey and Mike, 1 and 2 throughout the race, a back and forth battle all the way to the end, but Trey was able to hold Mike off to take the win! Final finishing order:

1 - Trey Schossow
2 - Mike Pelletier
3 - Mike "Animal" Fenicchia
4 - Chris Ethier
5 - Patrick Kelly
6 - Josh Charette
7 - TJ Schossow
8 - Justin Ethier

Next up - Sportsman - 150 Lap Main. In sportsman we also had 8 entries. As always the Sportsman class was a tight battle. I wasn't out there to watch the whole thing, but I could hear all the excitement from the announcer throughout the race. At one point I think I heard 3 lead changes within 2 laps, then another point I see pit men on the track looking for parts, including a battery pack (Ouch!) So definitely a little beatin and bangin... But at the end of it, through the smoke out came Randy Brown out in front! Final finishing order:

1 - Randy Brown
2 - Alan Lay
3 - George Scott
4 - Donnie Shea
5 - Mike Mchenry
6 - Maggie Turner
7 - Bill Leydecker
8 - Jim Pelletier

Next up - Modifieds - 150 Lap Main. These cars came out for the first time at the Super Nats last year, but this is the first full season they are part of the QSAC West family. And man what an awesome site! These things are COOL! Just like the Whelen Modifieds, open wheel, full size car action! We had 5 entries in this inaugural event. At the beginning it was a tight race between Dennis Andrews, Troy Schossow, and Bob Leydecker. With Donnie Shea and Allen Hess close behind. As the race moved on, Troy and Allen had issues, and Dennis pulled away for the victory! I hope this class grows as I can tell its going to be tight, close racing (don't touch wheels, its gonna hurt!) racing! Final finishing order:

1 - Dennis Andrews
2 - Bob Leydecker
3 - Donnie Shae
4 - Troy Schossow
5 - Allen Hess

Next up - Super Truck - 150 Lap Main. The trucks had a small turn out with 3 entries this weekend. Still some good racing as always! Unfortunately our long haul of the weekend Mike Huts , all the way from Utah, had motor issues in the morning and decided to pack up and leave in the morning to get a jump on the long drive home. So we had the 2 trucks put on a 100 lap racing clinic that ended short as Gary Naworski tagged the wall and finished his day early allowing Bob Leydecker to take the win. Final finishing order:

1 - Bob Leydecker
2 - Gary Naworski
3 - Mike Huts

Next up - The premier division Grand National - 200 Lap Main. We had an awesome 12 entries for GN! Man what a race! What a sight seeing 12 cars lined up for the start of a race... well actually 11 lined up as Dave Hart was an entry, but due to his illness didn't start. GREEN, GREEN, GREEN!!! And they were off! I believe this was the race of the weekend, watching all the hard fought battles in the middle of the field. At the beginning, pole sitter Mike Lubanovich took off in the lead as we all had grown accustomed to the past couple seasons, but was closely followed by Denny Andrews and the rest of the pack. One little bobble out of 2 for Mike and just like that fell to 3rd behind Denny and Dennis, and I believe Rudy Flores right on his tail. That was around lap 25. Denny was able to hold off different challenges by Dennis, Rudy, Robert Kennedy, Mike L, and others. At the Lap 150 red flag stop for fuel we still had 8 or 9 drivers on the lead lap! Amazing racing! And the only ones that were not on the lead lap were off the track due to mechanical failures. But at the end Denny was able to hold off a late charge from Mike L and take the win. Final finishing order:

1 - Denny Andrews
2 - Mike Lubanovich
3 - Robert Kennedy
4 - Ron Schoeb
5 - Mike Fleek
6 - Rudy Flores
7 - Dave Scott
8 - Randy Brown
9 - Steve Mylar
10 - Dennis Andrews
11 - Jim Turner
12 - Dave Hart

So there you have it, and AWESOME first race of the 2015 season. I have to give a huge shout out to the Boulder RC Speedway crew for putting on an amazing race, and the best scoring girl this side of the Mississippi Casey Dub Whisenand !!! Also a big thank you to Alan Lay for the awesome "A Main Winner" stickers for the winners of each main. Definitely something to be proud of to put on your car throughout the season. Next stop - Tucson!!! March 7th, Hope to see you all there!!!

New For The 2015 Season 1. 9 Point Races, 2 Throw-outs your Best Total of 7 races will count for Championship
2. Any DQ will be awarded 150 points and you will have to carry these points. A DQ can NOT be used as a Throw-Out!
3. 2 Turn marshals will be picked at random for each race. Their names will be highlighted and posted on the line up before each race. One turn marshal will be responsible for the track and the other will be in the scoring tower. If you can NOT turn marshal you will be responsible to find someone to fill in for you or you will serve a penalty.
4. 3 Incident Rule- If you are involved in 3 incidents you will serve a 1 lap stop and go penalty.
5. If you withdraw your car from tech inspection you will be served a DQ and will be awarded 0 points for that race.
6. Turn marshal or pit crew can ONLY fix the belt and wing on track. All other repairs will have to take place in the pit area. Or you can and will be served a penalty.
7. At Orange Show A maximum of 8 cars will make up each main event. The top 6 qualifying cars will automatically transfer into the "A" Main. The remaining cars will be placed into the lower mains based on qualifying results. The top 2 cars from the "B: main will "bump" into the "A" main.
The Board will put out a ballet at race #4 to get your input on the changes that have been put in place.

Old News Just A Reminder

1. You must race 2 races each year to be a voting member of QSAC West.
2. Restarts will happen in turn 3 and 4 between the cones or specified location on the track.
3. You must carry all DQ's. They can NOT be used as a Throw-Out
4. No alcohol will be allowed in the race area during racing activities.
5. All drivers, officials, and pit crew members/mechanics must be current members of QSAC to enter the track, hot pit or paddock.
6. There will be no smoking allowed in the "Hot Pit" area.
7. Any car not slowing for the yellow flag may be placed at the rear of the pack, or in the case of repeat offenses, black flagged and removed from the track for the duration of that race.

Schedule - 2015

Race #1
Date: Feb/07-Feb/08
Location: Boulder City
Time: Day

Race #2
Date: Mar/07
Location: Tucson
Time: Day

Race #3
Date: Apr/11-Apr/12
Location: Boulder City
Time: Day

Race #4
Date: May/02
Location: Tucson
Time: Day

Race #5
Date: May/30
Location: Orange Show
Time: Day

Race #6
Date: Jun/20
Location: Boulder City
Time: Day

Race #7
Date: Aug/01
Location: Orange Show
Time: Night (Drivers Meeting 5pm)

Race #8
Date: Sep/19
Location: Tucson
Time: Day

Race #9
Date: Nov/07
Location: Orange Show
Time: Day Banquet

Other Races

Hot August Nights
Date: August 22
Location: Boulder City

Super Nationals
Date: October 17/18
Location: Boulder City
Time: Day





What is "Quarter Scale"

Quarter Scale racecars are radio controlled car models, 1/4 the size of a full-size racecar. They weigh about 30 pounds, and are powered by 23cc engine. On a large track, they can reach speeds up to 80mph. These cars are a scaled-down version of many of the cars you see in a typical racing event shown on television or in magazines they include Winston Cup Stock Cars, Busch Grand National Stock Cars, Craftsman Truck Series SuperTrucks, World of Outlaw Sprint Cars, Outlaw Late Models, etc


Race # 4 Tucson

Limited Sportsman

Open Wheel

1st - Dave Scott 200 Points
2nd - Dave Hart 196 Points


1st - Maggie Turner 200 Points
2nd - George Scott 196 Points
3rd - Alan Lay 192 Points
4th - Kenny Brosh 188 Points
5th - Mike McHenry 184 Points
6th - Robin Young 180 Points
7th - Bob Claussen 176 Points


1st - Robert Kennedy 200 Points
2nd - Dave Hart 196 Points
3rd - Mike Fleek 192 Points
4th - Mike McHenry 188 Points

Grand National

1st - Jim Turner 200 Points
2nd - Rudy Flores 196 Points
3rd - Dave Scott 192 Points
4th - Steve Mylar 188 Points
5th - Mike Fleek 184 Points
6th - Mike Lubanevich 180 Points
7th - Robert Kennedy 176 Points

Super Truck

Late Model




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Alan Lay
Denny Andrews
Joel Hughes
Rudy Flores
Troy Schossow


Beverly Scott - namimorongo@hotmail.com


Orange Show
  Denny Andrews
Boulder R/C
  Bob Leydecker
  Mike McHennry