Membership - 2013

2013 | Current Year

QSAC WEST - RULES AND BY-LAWS / QSAC West 2013 Board Member information.

( Addendum to QSAC Rules & By-Laws )
Table of Contents
I. Preface
II. QSAC West Management Team
A. Board of Directors
B. District & Region Director
III. Race Tracks
A. Cost
B. Trophies
C. Safety Signs
D. Locations
IV. Tech
A. Inspection
B. Tech Personnel
C. Motors
V. Treasurer
A. QSAC West Account
B. Championship / Trophy Awards
C. Financial Report
VI. QSAC West website
I. Preface
QSAC West is an independent association that is affiliated with QSAC ( ). QSAC West has sole race control of the West Coast local events.
II. QSAC West Management Team
A. Board Of Directors consist of 5 QSAC West Members. They serve a 2 year term alternating 2 re-elect after their term then 3 re-elected after they fill their term. The third to the last race of the season their will be nominations for the Board of Directors followed later by the election and the new Board Members being announced. The Board Members responsibilities are as follows, coordinate race schedule and handle all concerns and disputes. Also to coordinate with the race promoter for tech inspection.
B. The QSAC District Director and Region Director are only responsible for handling safety (insurance related) issues at the QSAC West local events.
III. Race Tracks
A. Entry fee is $40.00 for local events. $35.00 to the track promoter and $5.00
To the QSAC West account. If a member signs up a more then one car they are given a $5.00 discount per car. The race promoter would receive the full $35.00 no monies to QSAC West account for additional cars.
B. Track promoter will provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies at the members request.
C. The race promoter must display the Safety Sign near the pit area entrance at every event.
D. Boulder City Raceway
1101 Quail Dr.
Boulder City, Nevada 89005
Contact: Bob Lydecker (702) 210-3961
Orange Show Quarter Midget Track
689 South 'E' St.
San Bernardino, CA 92408
Contact: Denny Andrews - Cell: 909-638-8976
Tucson Quarter Midget Track
9975 N Casa Grande Hwy
Tucson, Arizona 85704
Contact: Mike Lubanvich , 602-402-3303 Mike Mchennry , 623-206-9698
IV. Tech
A. The top four finishers in each class will go directly to the tech area. At the end of an event it will be the decision of the Board Members whether or not to tech any or just some of the cars.
B. The Tech Inspector will only be appointed by the Board Members. If the Tech Inspector is one of the top four finshers then a second Tech Inspector will be appointed by the Board Members. At no time will a Tech Inspector tech their own car.
C. You may use after market seals, bearings, gaskets and spark plugs as long as they fall within the OEM Specs. No ceramic bearings allowed in motors.
V. Treasurer
A. The treasurer has the financial responsibility to collect and deposit money from each points event. Handle any financial requests from the Board Members.
B. Responsible for all aspects of the year end Championship jackets and trophies.
C. Submit a year end financial report to the Board Members at the end of the year. This report or information regarding the QSAC West Account maybe obtain at anytime by a QSAC West member by contacting the Treasurer.
VI. QSAC West website

Board Members

Bob Leydecker
Steve Ballew
John Whisenand
Dave Hart
Gary Naworski


Tammy Hart -


Orange Show
  Denny Andrews
Boulder R/C
  Bob Leydecker
  Mike McHennry